Milkshake Recipes

Milkshakes Remedies for Different Problems

Milkshakes are alike ice cream which are available in the market in different flavors. Many milkshakes fetch their exclusive and divergent taste from the ice cream flavor. Some people add fruits in it for better taste and nutritional value. Adding a fruit helps in exaggerating creamy essence and eliminating all the ice cream from the shake for better effect on health. A milkshake is available in different flavors like vanilla, chocolate milkshake recipe, strawberry or other fruity alternatives to transform not so healthy treat to healthy one. Small tweak in shake can elevate shake into extraordinarily one. Many doctors suggest milkshakes to get rid from the overwhelming diseases like hangover, memory or hair problems. The person suffering from weak memory shouldn’t to worry about it, as here are some milkshakes, foods and fruits might help them with this dilemma.

Milk Shakes to Perk up Memory: Almond milkshake is a home medication that holds good for the students and also the persons who are affianced in mental work. The significant thing should keep in mind is that this boiled almond milk shake should be taken empty stomach and as well not to take any food for least of two hours after drinking it. Keep some almonds overnight in water and in morning, peel and grind them into the paste. Mix this paste well in a glass of milk. Drink the milk shake for 15 to 40 days incessantly to improve the memory status.

Walnut Milk Shake: This inimitable dry fruit acts as a finest home remedy for weak memory. It gives a synergistic effect when thirty grams of Walnut along with milkshake is taken daily with ten grams of fig or raisins.

Fruit Milk Shake helps in recuperating the Remembrance: Fruits play an imperative role in alleviating feeble memory. The fruits rich in phosphorus are painstaking as the finest abode remedy for memory weakness. Milkshake made with Rose Mary is a very helpful herb for refurbishing a poor memory. This is also termed as an herb of remembrance. Rosemary is an ideal antidote for mental and forgetfulness fatigue. And the fruits like banana, mango, apple, figs, grapes, dates are the valuable remedy for fragile memory that can be taken with the milkshakes.

Works as a Natural Antidote for Hangover: Everyone is conscious that a hangover is caused by drinking too much alcohol. Fatigue, headache, thirst, dizziness (room seems to be spinning), muscle ache, vomiting, tremors, rapid heartbeat, mood disturbances, decreased quantity of sleep, difficulty in concentrating and redness of the eyes are the symptoms after hangover.

Banana milkshake replaces the lost nutrients and electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium which get depleted during the heavy drinking of alcohol. That banana milkshake made from a half glass of milk shakes with one large ripe banana and sweetened with honey. Excessive intake of alcohol makes the blood sugar level get down and the honey raises blood sugar levels. And milk appeases the stomach and rehydrates the inner system.

Milkshake as a Beauty Recipe: It’s amazingly to know about the shake recipe that gives a shiny and healthy beautiful hair. Take 3 bananas and coconut milk or whole milk and add a teaspoon of honey that gives a moisturizing oomph and mush the mixture well. Apply the whole set on the hair and let the hairs soak up banana milkshake and then wash the hair as usual after 5 minutes. Shiny and healthy-looking hair gives an impressive texture to the individual looks.